Shoes: It’s all about making the right choice

It seems like such a straight forward task to head down to the shops and find a decent pair of shoes to wear. This might have been true in the past, but now with such advances in material and production picking the right shoe has become a little more difficult. Check out this great blog where you’ll find great fashion tips.


To make sure that you find the right shoe for you, we though we would give you are great little checklist to make sure you make the right choice.

What will you be using the shoes for?

It goes without saying that you need to think about what you’ll be wearing the shoes for, you don’t want to go running in a pair of flip flops! Here are a list of activities that you can choose from, all of which have different types of shoe; Hiking, Cold-weather outdoor activities, Athletic shoes and Dress shoes.

Make are there’s enough support

It is important that you find a shoe that has enough arch support. Each time we take a step the shoe will absorb the impact on the ground. So the arch of the foot acts as a shock absorber, finding a shoe with sufficient support is essential to comfort and also health.

Get measured properly

If you have the time then you should head down to a shoe shop to get both the length and width of your feet measures properly. It should come as no great surprise that most people do not have two symmetrical feet, this is not often a big problem but in some cases it does make sense to buy a different sized shoe.

Don’t let the price put you off

You should always remember as a rule of thumb that cheap shoes will not last as long as cheap ones. If you’re an adult it means that your feet will not get any bigger, so your shoes will be with you for a long time. If you do find the perfect pair but they are just out of your budget then see if you can use some groupon vouchers to lower the price, it’s certainly worked wonders for me in the past.

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