MotorExpo 2014

Motor shows are a great way to get inspiration before looking at new car deals and picking your own choice on sites like this.

They always feature the latest and greatest models, allowing you to get hands-on experience, and are full of like-minded individuals that you can speak to to get any further advice.

There are many types of exhibition, catering for all motoring tastes, but one of this year’s must-sees is Motorexpo. This is the world’s biggest free to attend motoring event. The organisers claim it has a revolutionary format that brings the best from the motoring sector to places where the most people can see the hardware. This means that global business locations in huge urban areas are transformed into gleaming chrome locales decked out with the latest vehicles from the world’s leading automotive manufacturers.

In the summer of 2014, Motorexpo will take place at Brookfield Place and First Canadian Place in Toronto in late June and the World Financial Center, New York during September. However, first is a stop in the UK.

For almost a week between Monday 9th to Sunday 15th June 2014 Motorexpo returns to London’s Canary Wharf for its 19th annual UK event. This year’s show promises to be the biggest and best in the event’s history and is set to be the highest visited motor show anywhere in the UK this year. So if you are looking for a new car deal, make sure you’re one of the thousands and thousands of motoring enthusiasts who get to the capital.

Although details of this year’s offerings are still under wraps, 2013’s event shows just the kind of quality cars that will be showcased.

Jaguar XJR

Jaguar chose the event to be the home soil debut of its XJR, the 542bhp super-saloon that put the company firmly back in the minds of car buyers with a hundred grand burning a hole in their back pockets.

Jaguar F-Type

The Jaguar stand at Motorexpo was doubly busy as the automaker also displayed the new F-type for the first time. Attendees got to see the superb craftsmanship in both the V8 and V6 versions of the car.

Chrysler Ypsilon

Motorexpo is a place where you can find super cars and super heroes because last year Chrysler used its tie-in with the upcoming Superman movie to create the perfect expo Man of Steel photo opportunity.

Karsan Concept V1

The great thing about exhibitions is that they allow lesser known manufactures to share the stage with some of the biggest players in the game. Turkish company Karsan showcased its Concept V1, which was among the top three finalists in the NYC Taxi of Tomorrow tender.

McLaren 12C Spider

One of the undoubted highlights inside One Canada Square last year was the stupendous McLaren MP4-12C Coupe and its Spider sister. The cars drawn on every facet of the company’s rich automotive history and anyone who saw the MP4s in the flesh – or in the carbon fibre – went away with a smile on their face. McLaren even teased fans with a series of design blueprints for the P1, which were blown up to feature size and resolution and plastered all over the stand.