How to prepare a car for winter

Summer is now well and truly over, meaning drivers have to start thinking differently about how they prepare their cars for the journey ahead. While the warmer months see motorists keeping their sunglasses and suntan lotion in the glove box, the winter months are all about anti-freeze, ice scrapers and extra layers of clothing.

It is vital that motorists prepare their car so it is ready to take on the more treacherous conditions that winter brings – but another solution is to upgrade their current motor to one that is already set to go during the freezing months of December, January and February. By checking out the latest dealsĀ here, drivers can pick up a model that’s ready to take the worst that winter can throw at it.

So, with winter drawing ever closer, what do you need to do to make sure your motor is ready? Read on for some useful tips.

Carrying out checks
It is important to carry out checks on your car regardless of the time of year – but it becomes all the more essential to do so when the nights get longer and the temperature plummets.

There are various checks you need to perform to give you the best chance of avoiding breaking down in the winter – a nightmare scenario that would leave you sitting in the cold waiting for a breakdown recovery service to arrive.

With conditions underfoot becoming increasingly treacherous in the winter, checking your tyres is of the utmost importance. You should aim to have a tread on your tyres of at least 3mm and no less than 2mm.

There may be a temptation to reduce tyre pressure in order to achieve a greater level of grip – but this should be avoided because it can have a negative impact on stability.

Checks should also be carried out on the battery, electrics and engine, as any faults with these can have serious consequences. It is advisable to replace the battery prior to it reaching the end of its lifespan – typically around five years – while all electric functions, such as heaters and lights, should be switched off when not in use.

What to keep in the car
Having the right items in your car is more important during the winter months than at any other time of the year. You’ll not only need certain things to get your car ready in the morning, but also the right goods should you break down.

Snow and ice can not only make driving difficult, but also very dangerous. It is therefore vital you have de-icer and an ice scraper to remove anything that reduces your visibility – such as ice on the window.

Antifreeze is essential to protect the engine when the cold sets in, but you shouldn’t forget about the practical items that can make all the difference should you encounter difficulty.

Be sure to keep warm clothing in the boot, as well as study boots and a set of ice grips, a snow shovel and broom, jump leads, torch, tow rope, a blanket and some food such as high-energy cereal bars.