Tips for filing an insurance claim for your car

Nobody expects to be in a car accident, I hope that you never are ands that you never have the need to file an insurance claim. So I hope that you will never need to follow the advice listed below, the reality however is that a percentage of us will have to file a claim after an accident. Unexpected Car accident injury claims are now part and parcel of every claim, when someone gets injured due to an accident it is only fair that they are able to make a claim for their injury. Like I said before, hopefully you won’t need this advice but here are some great things to remember that will aid you in making the claim process easier.


1. The first thing you should always do is report the accident to the police if some is hurt in the accident, or if there is a large amount of damage to your car or any other car that may have been involved.

2. Make some mental notes about the incident, you should always get the details of any other vehicle that has been involved and also aim to get the names and ID numbers of the emergency response staff. If you are not too shake by the whole incident then you should take pictures.

3. Again, if you are not too shaken then you should go around collecting the contact details of any one that was a witness to the accident. It could be important to get their statements at a later date when you are making your claim.

4. NEVER accept money at the scene of the incident, NEVER accept the blame, NEVER simply forget about the incident.

5. Get on the phone to your insurer as soon as you possibly can, then make sure that you complete a claim form. It can sometimes be difficult to process a claim if you ale contact with your insurer late. Remember not to go ahead with repairs for the vehicle until your insurer has agreed to pay for the repairs.

6. You must get an official receipt from the car shop that repairs your vehicle, the receipt must clearly list all of the work that has been completed to your vehicle. It is likely that you will have to submit this receipt to the insurance company when you are making your claim.

7. Ask your insurer if they have a list of repair shops that they recommend in your local area, if they recommend a shop then your claim will most likely go through a lot smoother.