Indulgent yes but every man craves an exclusive boy toy

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Okay, call it an extravagance but when I came into some money recently I was either very brave or very foolish – or even a little of both – because I went against the wishes of her who must be obeyed and invested in a customised boat.


Boy’s Toy

I know, I know. Anyone who ever had a boat has always told me that they never stopped spending money on it but let’s face it, how much pleasure does one get out of a boat; the freedom; the joie de vivre; the boy inside the man; the ultimate boy’s toy complete with the unique additions that make it undeniably mine.


Inboard v Outboard

Well the deed is done now so the next step is to ensure that it has the right engines, inboard or outboard and that the power to weight ratio is sufficient to propel my dream along the waterways of Botany Bay or further along the coastal Bate Bay and inland through to the Hacking River.


Deep Throated Power

For that reason, the choice has to be one of the marine diesel engines favoured by the commercial search and rescue boys that cut such a swathe through the water as they answer yet another call for while I am not necessarily looking to rescue any damsel in distress – her who must be obeyed would throttle me – I do want the deep throated power and the surging drive that a marine diesel engine would give me without, it has to be said, the rattling roar of outboard motors.


Fuel Consumption

Another reason for the marine engines choice was the news about the needs of defence industry craft that rely on the combination of efficient fuel consumption coupled with high power output while not forgetting – in this green world in which we live – environmentally friendly exhaust emissions. After all, the last thing I want is for the natives to get restless at the carbon my dreamboat is kicking out.



Maintenance is high up in my considerations as when any of the parts malfunction, I want to have them easily replaced which, you might think, would lean towards an outboard but the last thing I want to be doing is looking through the copious manuals that usually accompany an outboard and heaven forbid if it comes into contact with the jetty or other craft then they are very vulnerable. The answer has to be one of the inboard motors where the products are all guaranteed and service is included in the warranty. Outside interference should be more difficult to encounter.

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One of the dealers I was recommended to was Scania whose range of marine engines really made choosing the right engines for my customised boat much easier than I thought it was going to be. I immediately liked the branding of “performance, reliability and operating economy” the company trumpets, boasting as they do that all this is achieved without, they say, “sacrificing power.” Now I like the sound of that.


Talking the Right Language

Apart from being relatively local with more and more branches in the New South Wales area, this commercial enterprise appears to be talking the right language with such terms as “dedicated application support; professional guidance; installation manuals and proven reliability.” The clincher is that all Scania marine engines use its “modular product system, which simplifies servicing and parts management and facilitates individual specifications as well as volume production.” I like the sound of that!


Author Bio: Alden Jansen Howard is a guy who loves working with mechanical gadgets and toys. He grew with the love for science fairs and contests. He has a mechanical engineering degree and a love for remote controlled boats and cars. Transportation is his forte and any he likes knowing the current trends and innovation on the transport business. During his free time, he writes for websites and blogs about trucks and engines.