The Importance of Doing a Drivers License Check for Employees

Road safety is important to everyone as we all use the roads for one reason or another, it is therefore important that all road users adhere to safety precautions to ensure smooth traffic and safety while on the roads.  Every few minutes an accident happens, lives are lost, injuries occur and they happen during commuting hours or regular working hours and employers bear the cost of injuries sustained by employees on or off work. Whether you manage a fleet of vehicles or get involved in mobile sales or employ commuters it is important that safety programs are empowered to reduce accidents that may risk the lives of your employees.


Set Up a Safe Driving Program

Employees are an employer’s most valuable asset and this program not only creates good business sense but also improves relationship between the employers and the employees. This program will help in;

  • Saving lives and reducing the risk of permanent injuries that may be sustained by your work force.
  • Protecting your company’s human and financial resources.
  • Guarding against potential and personal liabilities that may be posed by car crashes involving employees driving company vehicles’.


Do An Employee Driving Licence Check.

This is a very important process where screening all the driving licenses owned by employees is carried out to establish their validity, and provide past endorsements of employees as well as penalty points incurred in the past. A driver licence check will then lead you to the next step of electronically storing all the information gathered which prevents fake papers representation, forging and helps you manage and monitor risky drivers closely. Keep in mind that if any accidents occur to any member of your staff the business is affected and is also held responsible whether the employee was driving a personal car or a company car.

Who should take the test?

The test should be taken by all employees who drive to and from work whether in personal cars or company cars, this should be done frequently especially if an employee has a high number of penalty points on his driver’s license.


  • It helps you single out risky drivers who have a poor driving record in your workforce and develop plans on how to deal with them.
  • It helps in monitoring the drivers more closely and efficiently electronically whilst curbing presentation of forged documents or outdated licenses.
  • It is time saving for both the employers and the employees because once the employees sign up checks are done consecutively during the next three years.
  • Shows that you comply with the HSE Health and Safety at Work and Duty of Care act.

Establish driver agreements

Establish a contract with all employees that drive to work or those that drive company cars; these agreements will help the driver acknowledge awareness and understanding the company’s safety policies, procedures and expectations regarding driver performance, vehicle maintenance and reporting of violations.